Survivor: John Morrison returns to the WWE in multi-year deal

Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Samsung
Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Samsung /

The Mayor of Slamtown is returning to the biggest stage, as Survivor: David vs. Goliath’s John Hennigan (stage name John Morrison) is coming back to the WWE.

John Hennigan went by many names in Survivor: David vs. Goliath. He introduced himself with nicknames such as the Mayor of Slamtown, the Wednesday Night Delight, Shaman of Sexy, Johnny Impact, Johnny Nitro, the George Bushy of Tushy and many other names, but it John Morrison was not primary in the list.

A name he had taken when wrestling for the WWE in the 2000s, it will be a moniker he dons once again. It was rumored since July that the man, the myth, the legend would be returning to the big leagues, and now it is finally official. WWE has confirmed John Morrison is back with the company on a multi-year deal, with the news broken on FS1.

Though it is unknown what branding he will embody once he returns, as well as the platform to which he’ll return (maybe he’ll come back as the Monday Night Delight on RAW), one thing’s for sure, he should have a lot more fans this time coming from the Survivor community. He was a fan favorite on David vs. Goliath, despite not having as many confessionals as someone who does good mic work should have.

The move makes it very unlikely that he’ll return to Survivor in another Second Chances or fan balloting casting format, although he did have an impact (pun unintended) on the game in his brief time. He was voted out as a result of the minority alliance splitting their votes and using an idol, as seven votes for Christian were negated as well as two for Angelina, leaving John’s three votes decisive.

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Regardless, it shows that the glow up from being on Survivor still has a bit of shine heading into 20 years of the show’s existence. If it can launch the careers of the likes of Elizabeth Hasselbeck, it can revitalize a professional wrestling career close to a decade after leaving WWE in the first place.