Survivor Ponderosa: Island of the Idols Juror no. 7 changes up the order


Normally, jury members voted out go to Survivor Ponderosa to eat, shower, and share their story. Island of the Idols’ seventh juror changed things up.

This video and piece will discuss the events of Survivor: Island of the Idols episode 12 and who was voted out of the game.

One of my favorite trends of Survivor Ponderosa videos since establishing a firm grounding in Fiji is that most of the players can drop the game at the door as soon as, or soon after, they arrive at their jury abode. It’s a paradise thousands of miles away from home, with players given nothing but time to deliberate, decompress, and reflect on their journeys as individuals and as a group.

Karishma Patel got on many players’ nerves in Survivor: Island of the Idols, but viewers were given both sides of the coin, including those heartwrenching tales about Indian culture and representation as the show’s very first Indian player to compete for the million dollars.

In retrospect, Karishma’s narrative being fairly bookended by the story of her and her husband is a fitting sendoff to the game, as her Ponderosa video reflects who Karishma is outside of the game; a bubbly, engaging woman who lives life to the fullest and appreciates everything around her. Seeing is believing, so you have to check out the video below.

I’m no Ponderosa veteran (I started watching them for Millennials vs. Gen X), but most, if not all, players typically get transported to the villa to hug the jury members, grab a huge bite to eat, hit the showers and reflect with some sort of event in the day(s) to follow. Karishma was having none of that; she took her shower almost immediately after getting home, with Missy and Elizabeth remarking just how different a person Karishma became after the game was over.

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If there’s anything this video should remind viewers, it’s that the players and the people are two separate entities. The Karishma we saw on Survivor: Island of the Idols is vastly different than the personal injury lawyer playing out of Houston, Texas. It’s a shame we didn’t see more of the person at home in the game, but we loved the narrative she shared on the island.