Survivor Island of the Idols episode 12: The castaway has spoken

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The newest jury member of Survivor: Island of the Idols explains what happened during that crazy live tribal and also sheds light on last week’s idol play.

This article discusses the events from episode 12 of Survivor: Island of the Idols.

After tallying a record 22 votes cast against her, the castaways finally found a way to take out Karishma in this week’s episode. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had an RHAP exit interview from the Island of the Idols cast, but thankfully Karishma broke that streak. You can listen to that full podcast over at RHAP. Here are a few cool details Karishma shared about her time on Survivor.

Dean definitely flipped!

The craziness that ensued from this week’s live Tribal Council all began with Dean whispering to Tommy that Noura was going to vote for him. There may have been some viewers that thought the three Lairo members: Dean, Karishma, and Elaine deliberately planned this out to sabotage Noura. Karishma confirmed that this was not the case, it was all Dean’s doing.

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Karishma said that she went into that Tribal Council confident in their plan to blindside Tommy. She did mention that she spent a lot of time that day calming Noura down and helping her see that their plan was foolproof. She never suspected Dean of flipping and was shocked at the outcome.

There’s a reason she didn’t do too much during the live Tribal Council

While most of the castaways were getting up from their seats and roaming around, whispering to everyone, Karishma remained seated for a majority of the time. She did this for a reason. She understood that the other players were looking down on her opinions, so she felt that anything she would do or say would paint a bigger target on her back. Karishma’s goal was to let the chaos continue so the target shifted from her to Noura.

Opens up on her clutch idol play

Most castaways this season have either played their idols incorrectly or got their torch snuffed without playing one. Karishma proved to be an exception last week, but how did she know she needed to play it? Well, she was actually unsure for most of that day. Based on a few key comments at Tribal Council, Karishma realized that she was the target and came up clutch!

It was a tough experience for her but she’s proud of how she played

Karishma’s embrace with her husband during the loved ones visit said it all. She did feel mistreated throughout her time on Survivor to the point that it even became natural for other castaways to insult her out in the open. We saw that firsthand in Noura’s latest rant.

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There’s no doubting that Karishma had to endure a lot of harsh challenges in Fiji, but the family visit helped to put everything into perspective for her. She’s proud of her performance and has become good friends with several members of the Island of the Idols cast. Karishma expressed how this journey made her appreciate her relationships and life outside of the game on a deeper level.