Survivor Island of the Idols episode 13: The castaway has spoken

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One of the most likable castaways of Survivor: Island of the Idols finally got taken out, and they had a lot to say about the last few crucial Tribal Councils.

This article discusses the events from episode 13 of Survivor: Island of the Idols.

Each new Survivor season usually produces at least one of those fan-favorite castaways who are easy to root for because of their likable personality. There’s no questioning that Elaine Stott fits that archetype in Island of the Idols. Elaine’s good-hearted, honest demeanor and hilarious one-liners made viewers everywhere want to see more of her.

That might not happen this year, but at least we get to hear more of her in her RHAP exit interview which you can listen to here. Elaine explained some of her key decisions and shed some light on a couple of pivotal Tribal Councils. Here are a few of the highlights from Elaine’s comments.

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Elaine Knew she was going home

Although the edit portrayed episode 13’s Tribal Council as a close verdict between Elaine and Noura, she knew that she was the number one target coming into the night. She mentioned how she went all out, spending hours at Tribal trying to convince them to vote Noura.

Elaine did notice that Lauren was sincerely considering her valid argument about Noura taking someone else’s spot in the Final Three. She even saw Lauren looking over at Tommy with some concern and confusion, but Elaine’s target was too large to shake, and she realized it would have taken a miracle to get the votes off of her.

Still upset at Dean flipping!

Elaine revealed a lot about that crazy live Tribal Council that saw Dean warn Tommy about a plot to blindside him. Elaine still believes that Noura would have stuck to the plan to vote Tommy out if Dean didn’t blow it! She thinks that Dean got way too nervous to trust Noura and surprised Elaine by spoiling their plot.

Wants production to make the seating at Tribal Council fairer

This important Tribal Council made Elaine think about how unfair the seating arrangements at Tribal are. Typically, most men are seated in the back row, while most women are in the front. Elaine felt that sitting in the back row is a huge advantage because you get a better vantage point to see what’s going on instead of having to awkwardly twist your head around.

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That game-changing moment when Dean leaned over to spill the beans to Tommy may not have happened if they weren’t in the back row together. Elaine didn’t even realize that Dean was even speaking to Tommy until later. The more you think about it, the more it makes sense for production to balance the seating arrangements at Tribal Council, switching around who sits where each time.

Doesn’t regret turning on Missy

During the episode with the double Tribal Council twist, Elaine had the opportunity to blindside Tommy but decided to surprise Missy instead. Although Tommy eventually took Elaine out and he currently has the best odds of winning it all, she still doesn’t regret voting Missy out.

She wasn’t blinded by Missy’s aggressively strategic mindset and knew she would turn on her in a heartbeat. Elaine felt that if they got out Tommy at that point, then Missy would throw the blame on Elaine once they reunited with Lauren and other Vokai members. Instead, she kind of felt free once Missy was out of the picture.

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Considers the Dan situation as an important teaching lesson

Elaine didn’t go into detail about her experience with Dan. She simply said that it serves as a vital lesson for all viewers, and she hopes that everyone can learn from this and be more proactive in the future.