Survivor Island of the Idols: Three stories to watch in the season finale

Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Survivor: Island of the Idols is finally tumbling to a close, as the Final Five are set to duel it out to become the Sole Survivor of season 39.

It’s been a bumpy ride, especially with all the drama that has unfolded in the past 24 hours. However, there’s more Survivor action ahead, and a couple of castaways legitimately deserve to win it all. With two more Immunity Challenges, one fire-making challenge, and a group visit to the Island of the Idols remaining, it’s time for these castaways to make their final push. Here are a few stories to watch.

1) Will anyone realize that Tommy needs to go

Out of the Final Five contestants, Tommy Sheehan has the best odds at the million dollars. He’s been playing a phenomenal social game and hasn’t been a popular target this merge even though he’s a big, athletic male. Tommy has strong relationships with Lauren, Janet and Dean. That was made evident when Dean came to him and told him about his Idol Nullifier, and Janet also turned to Tommy to tell him about her idol.

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It’s clear that Tommy is coming into the finale the most power, and is seriously considering blindsiding Lauren, which would almost guarantee him the win. It will be interesting to see if the other four castaways can come to the realization that Tommy needs to go before Final Tribal Council.

2) One last Island of the Idols visit

In the teaser for the finale, we saw the Final Five scrambling throughout the Island of the Idols after Boston Rob and Sandra informed them about something. We don’t know if that something will be an idol, an Extra Vote, a Juror Removal advantage, or another form of advantage. Regardless of what it is, we’re already set for a big Tribal Council with an Idol and a Nullifier in play.

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3) The official reveal of season 40’s theme

With all the difficult content viewers have had to endure in this season, there has been many fans just wanting to get onto season 40. And let’s be honest, we’re all going to need that exciting news after a tough season. Years ago Jeff circled season 40 with the desire to do something big, and we’re finally here! We’re looking forward to a big reveal for the show’s 20th year on air!