Survivor Island of the Idols: Sia gave away $215k across three players

Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images
Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images /

One player from Survivor: Island of the Idols received $15,000 from the famous recording artist and songwriter, Sia. Two others received $100,000 each.

If there’s something that has been rapidly evolving in modern Survivor history, it’s the criteria needed to win money from one of the most popular songwriters of modern pop. Sia is a huge fan of the show, and ever since Kaoh Rong, she has been popping in and out of seasons’ finale reunions to either directly or indirectly award players money.

Early on, it seemed like those who had supported animal rights, and vegetarian/vegan causes would get tens of thousands of dollars. Tai Trang was an early beneficiary for his actions in saving Mark the Chicken, receiving $50,000 personally, and $50,000 to charity. However, when Wendy Diaz saved the chickens in Edge of Extinction, it was Rick Devens who received $100,000.

Island of the Idols had many dark moments throughout, but there were bright lights that shone through the darkness. As officially announced by Jeff Probst at the finale, three individuals received money from the singer. Jamal Shipman received $15,000, while Elaine Stott and Janet Carbin each received $100,000.

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Each player were standouts in the season, with Jamal being a voice of understanding and compassion amidst microaggressions towards his standing as a black man in society. His talks with Jack humanized both of them, and the fact that the two are now roommates shows the extent of both of their characters.

Elaine was a loveable busted can of biscuits who made the darkest parts of Survivor this season tolerable, always giving hope to audience members. Janet put her entire game on the line to stand up for Kellee in the face of Dan and was gaslighted and attacked within the game, and she was a late Idol Nullifier away from winning the game.

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Sia has awarded 21.5% of the million-dollar prize awarded to the Sole Survivor, with two players receiving more money than Dean Kowalski did with his two votes at the Final Tribal Council.