Survivor Winners at War: Everything we know about season 40 so far


We’re only six weeks away from the biggest season in Survivor history! From Edge of Extinction to Fire Tokens, here’s everything we know so far.

It’s still hard to believe that it’s actually happening. Twenty Sole Survivors are back for an ultimate season that pins champions against champions. SurvivorWinners at War is gearing up to be a Heroes vs. Villains-esque season that blends advanced gameplay with entertaining personalities. Thanks to the Island of the Idols finale and Jeff Probst’s interview with EW, we now know several key details about season 40. Here’s everything we know so far:

Full list of the 20 winners

Boston Rob and Sandra are back, as well as 18 other winners. Here’s the full list by season.

Ethan Zohn – Africa (Season 3)

Sandra Diaz-Twine – Pearl Islands and Heroes vs. Villains (Season 7 and 20)

Amber Mariano (formerly Brkich) – All-Stars (Season 8)

Danni Boatwright – Guatemala (Season 11)

Yul Kwon – Cook Islands (Season 13)

Parvati Shallow – Micronesia (Season 16)

Boston Rob Mariano – Redemption Island (Season 22)

Sophie Clarke – South Pacific (Season 23)

Kim Spradlin – One World (Season 24)

Denise Stapley – Philippines (Season 25)

Tyson Apostol – Blood vs. Water (Season 27)

Tony Vlachos – Cagayan (Season 28)

Natalie Anderson – San Juan del Sur (Season 29)

Jeremy Collins – Cambodia (Season 31)

Michele Fitzgerald – Kaoh Rong (Season 32)

Adam Klein – Millennials vs. Gen X (Season 33)

Sarah Lacina – Game Changers (Season 34)

Ben Driebergen – Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers (Season 35)

Wendell Holland – Ghost Island (Season 36)

Nick Wilson – David vs. Goliath (Season 37)

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The Edge of Extinction is back

Even though the Edge of Extinction twist led to a very controversial season 38, it makes more sense for Winners at War. This time the entire cast will know about Edge of Extinction beforehand. The producers also used this twist as an assurance to the contestants that they will have another shot if they get targeted early because of their history.

There will be a new twist: Fire Tokens

Jeff and company just had to throw in a new twist to add even more layers to this season. Fire Tokens are being described as island currency, which you can use to buy resources and even advantages. Maybe they should just call it the Settlers of Catan twist, as it feels like we’re about to get into board game level strategy. It will be interesting to see each castaway’s approach to this new feature.

A $2 million prize

For the first time ever, CBS will double the prize money. This bonus detail sounds only fair and is the perfect way to make season 40 even more epic.

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Airing Wednesday, February 12

We’re just about six weeks away from what’s sure to be a two-hour season premiere. So mark your calendars for Wednesday, February 12 and get that popcorn ready for the most anticipated season in Survivor history.