Survivor Island of the Idols: Should Aaron Meredith return?

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Playing for his family from his head to the toes in his socks, Aaron Meredith came to fight in Island of the Idols. Should he return to Survivor in the future?

When two people vote for the same person at the first Tribal Council of a given season, and everybody else votes for one of those two, whoever returns to camp is usually on the hottest of hot seats in Survivor. Aaron Meredith happened to be the only person other than Ronnie to vote for Vince on Day 3, yet he had a lot more upside than most others in his position.

While the women were out partying, Aaron was studying the blade … of social dynamics, working on his relationships with the Lairo men and both Missy and Elizabeth, in particular, of the women. The tribe needed his strength to help keep the team at least in competition to win immunities, as he was deemed more valuable for the men than Vince or Chelsea for the women in control of Lairo.

Once the tribes swapped, things got a bit more interesting for Aaron. He saw how well Elaine elevated her social standing with Vokai 2.0 by being more personable, so he crossed over to Tommy, hoping sharing stories of his son would help establish quick bonds to get him passed a 4-4 tie. However, once Elaine found a Block-a-Vote advantage, he found himself caught between two sides, going with his old Lairo connections and isolating Tommy and Lauren by voting out Jason.

Once the merge came and Vokai had the numbers, it was just a matter of time before Aaron would be the target. Thankfully, he won the first two Immunity Challenges, and Vokai had just begun to eat into their numbers by voting out Kellee and Jamal. However, a split double-tribal scenario saw himself vulnerable to four original Vokai that wanted to put an end to his immunity-winning ways.

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Aaron was a committed gamer on Island of the Idols, making sure to stick true to his people and tried to go far despite his threat level as a competitor. Vote here in our straw poll to let us know if he should return in a future Survivor season.