Survivor Winners at War: Each contestant explains why they will win

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

All 20 castaways from Winners at War justify why they’re going to win Survivor again in this fun, pre-game video from Entertainment Weekly.

The preseason for Survivor: Winners at War has begun making us even more excited about this landmark season. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly and ET Canada’s on-site coverage, we are in for a wealth of fun pre-game videos to get us hyped up for this season. We will breakdown each noteworthy video to get ready for Winners at War.

It’s always interesting to see a winner return to the game to see how they will adapt their strategy the second, third or fourth time around. Having a cast full of winners makes this prospect even more exciting. Entertainment Weekly sat down with every player and captured a series of clips of each castaway explaining why they will win again.

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Is it a bit ridiculous to make conclusions on how each castaway will do after a ten-second answer to an obligatory question? Of course not! The three greats, Parvati, Boston Rob, and Sandra bubbled over with that winner’s confidence. Being cocky and arrogant is a death wish in Survivor, but these three legends have that battle-tested self-confidence that puts them in a level above the rest of the pack.

Kim Spradlin had a unique answer about staying in the middle throughout the game. That comment matched her wise and patient outlook from her pre-season interview with ET Canada. If she can avoid being knocked off early then Kim will be incredibly dangerous.

It was interesting to hear Tony’s different approach to this season. I don’t think he’ll ever be able to replicate what he did in Cagayan, but avoiding a premeditated gameplan and taking the game as it comes might be enough to prevent Tony from another early departure.

Out of the few castaways that felt they are going to fly under the radar, Ethan Zohn looks like the best suited for that strategy. He comes off as an old school, loyal player that might appear to be a perfect number to string along but can actually make big moves when they count.

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One other response I really enjoyed was Jeremy’s justification for winning again. He is probably right in saying that Cambodia: Second Chance might be the most similar season in terms of gameplay and composition of players to Winners at War. Jeremy dealt exceptionally well with strong returning players in Cambodia, and that puts him in a good position for season 40. It will be cool to look back at this video after the season is over to see how their performances compared to their first thoughts.