Survivor Winners at War: Legendary winners providing shields for others

Photo: Timothy Kuratek/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Timothy Kuratek/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

Everyone in Survivor Winners at War is a threat, but we all know that some are bigger threats than others. Those players are the perfect shield for the other players in the game, at least in the pre-merge stage.

There’s a reason the 20 contestants on this season are all participating and that’s because they won the game at least once. Some are more high profile Survivor players than others, however, and somehow those players have managed to skate through the first three tribal councils without being in any danger of going home.

Two are on the same tribe in Rob and Parvati – who wisely teamed up because they knew no one would want to play with them long-term. Right now, it’s working out well for the two, and somehow once again, Rob is running the show and doesn’t appear to be in danger of going home even with his wife on the Edge of Extinction able to give him advantages in the game.

Parvati hasn’t been as conniving so far, but the fact that no one is truly looking to get her out despite her history in the game is baffling.

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With Rob – He convinced everyone on his tribe to dump their bags out to prove who did or didn’t have an idol, and the other contestants let him do that. The only perk that comes with having Rob or Parvati around at this stage of the game is that they’re shields for the lesser known winners like Adam and Denise and that’s obviously why they’re still in the game. Otherwise, they’re the easiest two votes on that particular team.

Adam and Denise had the chance to take out Parvati this past episode, but didn’t do it. They were still able to get an old school player out (Danni) and didn’t have to do much of anything, so that didn’t involve a risk at all, but sooner or later, those two have to be taken out and it has to happen before the merge.

On the other tribe, Sandra hasn’t been targeted yet. She received an Immunity Idol from Natalie, but she honestly might not have to use it any time soon as the team appears more fixated on getting Kim and Tyson out before they turn their attention to “the Queen”.

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While keeping these three players around as shields is smart in the early stages of the game, you can’t let Parvati, Rob, and Sandra get to the merge because we’ve all seen how they do at that stage of the game and it’s never good for anyone else involved.