Survivor Winners at War episode 4 sneak peek: So close to the Edge

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

Want to know just how far the Edge of Extinction is from one of the camps? Take a look at the Survivor: Winners at War episode 4 sneak peek videos to find out.

These Survivor: Winners at War episode 4 sneak peek videos showcase a few minutes of next week’s show, “I Like Revenge,” as it will air on television.

Something that might not have been clear until the most recent episode with a helicopter shot of eerie silence is just how close the islands filming Survivor are to one another. Sele’s Mexican standoff took place on an island much smaller than most of that country’s towns, as you can often see other locations in the background of certain shots.

While Adam Klein had a notable self-awareness as he tried to pull off playing both sides this week, the first of two Survivor: Winners at War episode 4 sneak peek videos immediately begins with next week’s cold open. Adam Klein is now on an apology tour after experiencing the hubris that comes with trying to outplay a legend and outsmarting other winners who know how to play the game to victory.

In last week’s promo piece, I talked about how his cockiness was a dark foreshadowing of the opposite result. However, the fact that Adam has been given so many opportunities to explain his thinking in a flawed attempt to gain power, as well as remaining self-aware about how hard he swung and missed, seems like an extraordinary long leash compared to, say, Danni a week earlier.

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The second of the two Survivor: Winners at War episode 4 sneak peek videos likely serves as a precursor to the actual Edge of Extinction visit, as it seems like you can actually see the island from the Dakal camp. Sophie even likens the place to the prison she visited as a child, hoping she stays as far away from the island as possible during her journey.

With the Mamanuca islands being the filming location for Survivor since revisiting Fiji, one has to wonder what this revelation means for the Edge of Extinction season itself. It should have been visible to the Dakal equivalent, with potentially even more tribes able to view the island with the advent of three tribes. Just how much of a secret was the Edge of Extinction back then?

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It should be noted that in Edge of Extinction, players didn’t know they were voting out members of the jury and that they had the potential of re-entering the game. Those are among the many reasons why that twist was a major dud. Hopefully, the fire token economy creating self-described billionaires and being aware of the island helps make it better for Winners at War in episode 4 and beyond.