Survivor Winners at War episode 3 Immunity Challenge

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

The challenges in Survivor: Winners at War continue to bring top-notch entertainment value to the show, and episode 3’s intense battle for immunity was no different.

Last week’s episode of Survivor: Winners at War was filled with several edge-of-your-seat moments. From sneaking into another tribe’s camp, to a surprising blindside, the excitement level was high the entire way through. One of those nerve-wracking moments came during the intense Immunity Challenge that went down to the wire.

Immunity Challenge Overview

Following one of the standard Survivor challenge formats, the tribes had to make their way through a series of obstacles to reach a vertical, fire-shaped puzzle. The first tribe to complete their puzzle wins immunity and a chicken kebob reward.

As per usual, it didn’t take long for Dakal to mount an early lead. The first obstacle: a unique series of ramp walls, saw Michele among others, slowing down Sele’s progress. Dakal got through that phase quick and got right into digging out a brand new ladder for Tony to continue his adventures.

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Tony went up the ladder with real pace, freeing their ball with ease. Jeremy for Sele made up time with his climbing skills, but all was lost when Boston Rob and Ben couldn’t land their ball in the target. That gave Dakal a significant lead, allowing them to scale their two walls before the Sele tribe even reached that stage. Eventually Ben was able to rely on his country roots and lasso his ball-and-rope through the target.

Jeremy put his body on the line to get Sele over the final steep wall and just like that, we have ourselves a challenge. Sarah and Sophie for Dakal started the puzzle at a slow pace, allowing Rob and Michele to actually gain a slight lead over Sele. Then it went back forth, as each tribe was putting in piece after piece until Sarah and Sophie got on a roll.

Seeing Sarah drop their last two puzzle pieces after what seemed like certain victory gave Rob and Michele one last chance to complete the comeback. They were down to the their last piece before the Dakal duo finally finished their puzzle, winning their third Tribal Immunity.

Challenge Takeaways

Once again, there wasn’t any mention about a tribe swap in the teaser for the next episode. That doesn’t bode well for Sele, as they keep on losing and losing and aren’t as physically strong as Dakal. Their sole win came from a remarkable comeback that ended with Jeremy tossing rings and even that seemed surprising.

While Sophie has proven herself as a solid puzzle builder, Sarah held her own as well. They both worked well together and stayed calm despite the change in momentum. Rob did struggle on one phase of this challenge, but he and Michele did demonstrate their puzzle making skills, nearly pulling off a comeback.

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Immunity Challenge Rankings

Creativity: 2/5
Difficulty: 2/5
Entertainment Value: 5/5