Survivor Winners at War: Who benefitted most from tribe swap?

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

Survivor: Winners at War episode five consisted of Jeff Probst uttering the famous six words: “Drop your buffs, we’re switching tribes.” Who gained the most from the swap?

After four episodes of just two tribes, the Survivor: Winners at War tribe swap shook things up by going from two tribes to three tribes when the contestants dropped their buffs. The new tribes look like this:

  • Sele tribe (Blue): Michele, Nick, Parvati, Wendell, and Yul
  • Dakal tribe (Red): Denise, Jeremy, Kim, Sandra, and Tony
  • Yara tribe (Green): Adam, Ben, Rob, Sarah, and Sophie

After looking at the three new tribes, who benefitted the most from the swap? Last week, we looked at who could gain the most from the impending switch and who would likely be hurt the most by it.

Dakal’s most vulnerable player before the swap was Kim Spradlin and she benefitted from things getting switched up. On a tribe where she was targeted from the start, Kim now sits as the swing vote. She could choose to stick with Sandra and Tony from her old tribe or create a new path by joining Denise and Jeremy. She’ll have a tough choice to make, but this definitely beats Kim’s previous predicament.

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Kim was likely helped the most, but Nick, Wendell, and Yul also have it pretty good on their new tribe, sitting with the numbers advantage. Yes, Wendell has to be on a tribe with his ex-girlfriend, but things could somehow be worse, right?

As for those who are now in a worse situation than before the Survivor: Winners at War tribe swap, Michele and Parvati on new Sele and Sarah and Sophie on new Yara were in the worst spots. We talked about Dakal and how it’s all up to Kim as far as how that plays out.

With Sarah and Sophie being down in numbers on Yara, it looked like they’d be at a disadvantage, but fortunately for them, Adam, Ben, and Rob weren’t exactly the best of friends. That’s why Michele probably wins the debate as to who had it the worst after the tribes were shaken up.

Before this swap, Michele was practically running things over on Sele – along with Jeremy. Once the buffs were dropped, she not only went from being down in numbers but also had to live on a deserted island with her ex-boyfriend, who did not want anything to do with her. Talk about awkward.

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By our accounts, Kim is the castaway helped the most by the Survivor: Winners at War tribe swap while Michele was the one hurt the most by it. Who do you think benefitted the most and was negatively impacted the most?