Survivor Winners at War episode 6 secret scenes: Much needed context

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

A lot of crazy stuff went on in Survivor: Winners at War episode 6, and the secret scenes help bring context to the mindsets behind the moves.

The Survivor: Winners at War episode 6 secret scenes will showcase alternate moments from this week’s episode, though we will discuss the episode that aired on Wednesday night, as well.

What a thrilling hour of television. Survivor: Winners at War episode 6 brought two eliminations on one night with two intended Tribal Councils, nobody could predict that two absolute legends of the game would go home on the same night. Sure, a down-the-line vote of Parvati was to be expected, but for Denise to use Sandra’s own idol against her was one of the most baller moves in the show’s history.

Sandra’s solemn note about being voted out on Day 16 once again was more than just a throwaway for Tribal Council, as the first of the Survivor: Winners at War episode 6 secret scenes sees her talk so much about her fears of getting voted out on the same day she did in Game Changers. It’s obviously too on the nose to make the episode, but you should know that despite those fears in her head, she made that move with Denise. Oh, and they had treemail.

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Speaking of treemail, Yara’s treemail is the only secret scene this week that doesn’t focus on Dakal. It goes over the same beats that we saw in the few moments we saw of Yara this week; Adam is in trouble, and it’s in his best interest if the tribe wins, keeping him safe for the week. I mean, he put himself in this position, but to take out Boston Rob is something he’ll remember forever.

Even before the events of this episode, one of the secret scenes from Edge of Extinction took us all the way back to Night 14, as Boston Rob kind of brought a “nana boo boo” joking attitude to his fellow castaways in his loving embrace of Amber. She talked about the conflicting good thoughts of seeing him again (considering the circumstances), but his note that he gave his tokens to Parvati. That allowed Tyson to know who had tokens to spare when selling his idol nullifier.

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Bringing us back to Dakal, a simple look at the tribe going out to get a clam and an octopus makes up one of the secret scenes. The final one sees Jeremy trying to reason with Sandra about the idea of having a meat shield, as he argues to keep him over Denise so the “iconic” threats can protect one another at the merge. It’s unfortunate that Sandra’s reasoning of “anybody but me” didn’t apply to Denise, for her sake.