Survivor Winners at War episode 7 power rankings: New school

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Sele tribe Survivor Winners at War episode 7

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We’re on the precipice of the merge, but with four players per tribe, the Survivor: Winners at War episode 7 power rankings reflect a volatile situation.

I’m astounded that we haven’t reached the merge yet. As such, we’re likely looking to do our piece about the likeliest to return from the Edge of Extinction next week instead of this week. Those eight (or fewer) players will not count towards our Survivor: Winners at War episode 7 power rankings, as this accounts for the 12 players in their situation right before the merge.

12. Yul Kwon

I hate to say it, but I am quite fearful about Yul’s chances heading into this pivotal round of voting. With the latest promo showing Wendell trying to have a quick conversation with Michele, the only reason he’d try to do something like that is if he’s trying to get her to vote with him and another to pull off a blindside.

Not only do I think that Sele goes to Tribal Council this week based on that, I think that Yul’s in the perfect spot to be blindsided. He wielded immense power before the tribe swap, he has seen a diminished edit since the swap, and he’s the only player left in the game who won before season 23.

Wendell said this season is about past relationships, and Yul is in short supply of those these days.

11. Adam Klein

There’s no better a person to explain why Adam is a threat to be voted out next than Adam himself. He sees how well Sophie and Sarah have connected with him, and he notices that Ben can barely get out a few words around him. I feel like those three would rather come together and vote Adam out instead of going to rocks, as they don’t want to learn from him what that experience feels like.

He needs to find an advantage, and fast.

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