Survivor Winners at War: Fire tokens, advantages, idols very top-heavy heading into the merge

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

With so many different kinds of trinkets out in the wild in Survivor: Winners at War, we thought we should count them all up heading into the merge.

There’s been an evolving narrative that the Survivor: Winners at War castaways have been spreading around; fire tokens will become vastly important down the line. Some think fire tokens will become idols or other advantages at key opportunities, and others are trying to leverage their vote or even their idols for fire tokens.

All we know right now is that tribes have had the opportunity to pool their tokens together to buy food, comfort, or an advantage at any challenge, while players on the Edge of Extinction can find advantages and sell them to players still in the game for a fire token (while also having their own challenges to find tokens). Nick Wilson also set the tone with his lone confessional in the premiere, noting that fire tokens should have a large impact on the winning game this season.

So far, the castaways have thought outside of the box with the parameters of their fire tokens. Sandra Diaz-Twine bought one in the premiere and later sold it for one fire token before tribal and one after (she was voted out before getting the other). Wendell brought the potential of selling his vote for a token, while Michele gave him one of her own as a sign of good faith.

That’s not to say that fire tokens are the only trinket available in Survivor: Winners at War. In addition to sold idols, Denise, Kim, and Sophie found one of their own each, although they needed to give someone their other half to share their secret power. Other powers sold from the Edge required Sarah to take it from the other camp, while others bought powers they didn’t need.

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For those who have been struggling to follow along with the various powers, here’s the scoreboard for who in Survivor: Winners at War has fire tokens, Hidden Immunity Idols, and other Survivor advantages heading into the merge:

Merge tribe

  • Adam Klein: 1 fire token
  • Ben Dribergen: 1 fire token
  • Denise Stapley: 1 fire token
  • Jeremy Collins: Safety Without Power, 1 fire token
  • Kim Spradlin: Hidden Immunity Idol, 1 fire token
  • Michele Fitzgerald: 3 fire tokens
  • Nick Wilson: 2 fire tokens
  • Sarah Lacina: Vote Steal advantage, 1 fire token
  • Sophie Clarke: Hidden Immunity Idol, 2 fire tokens
  • Tony Vlachos: 1 fire token
  • Wendell Holland: 2 fire tokens

Edge of Extinction

  • Natalie Anderson: A billion 4 fire tokens
  • Amber Mariano: 1 fire token
  • Danni Boatwright: 1 fire token
  • Ethan Zohn: 1 fire token
  • Tyson Apostol: Jar of peanut butter, 1 fire token
  • Boston Rob Mariano: 3 fire tokens
  • Parvati Shallow: 0 fire tokens
  • Yul Kwon: 0 fire tokens

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As we noted earlier in the season, it appears as though it’s almost an advantage to be voted out early (if you are going to be voted out) to have more opportunities to get advantages in the Edge of Extinction Challenge or an idol, as Yul, especially, has less of a chance to get back into the game at the merge than the very first boot of the season. Weird how unbalanced that is.