Survivor Winners at War episode 8 merge sneak peek: One tribe

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

For the first merge in a while, our Survivor: Winners at War episode 8 sneak peek videos don’t feature a commercial promo, but the moments before the challenge.

It’s almost not worth noting that these Survivor: Winners at War episode 8 sneak peek videos will showcase moments from what will air on television this week, as you have two bog-standard looks at what you can before players drop their buffs. In most typical merge cycles, we’d get a look at someone talking about their prospects or even, perhaps, thoughts on targeting another player.

Unfortunately, though, the Edge of Extinction twist has many, many flaws, and the fact that the Edge of Extinction Challenge for players getting back into the game happens right before the merge complicates things. For one, most promotional material is lighter than usual because you can’t show the 12th player (first Edge returnee) off without spoiling the game.

That has bled into the video material for the Survivor: Winners at War episode 8 sneak peek, as the first video simply has the players reacting to the latest vote-out, Yul, before gleefully dropping their buffs. The enthusiasm for these winners is palpable, and you can tell that event Jeff Probst is having a hell of a time getting to watch a great game take place in front of him.

(No, you’re not hallucinating; these videos are titled “We’re in the Majors,” the title of the previous episode. It’s a typo; they’re really for the merge episode titled “This is Where the Battle Begins.”

Sophie looks the most stunned and disappointed that Yul, her nerd shield, is voted out, while Adam succinctly notes that a “clean sweep” of old-school players has been completed. Sure, Natalie Anderson from season 29 is an old-school player. I guess she qualifies after hanging out with the old guard for close to three weeks.

Speaking of the old guard, Jeff Probst confirms that a 12th player will join the current players at the merge, as the second sneak peek video quickly sums up who will be competing. Nobody looks too shocked that Sandra raised the sail outside of a “wow” from Denise, as I wouldn’t be surprised if it was common knowledge that the “Survivor legend” (Jeff’s words, and mine) would walk in protest to a terrible twist that isn’t true Survivor.

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Thankfully, nobody will have to protest such a twist in the near future, as the host confirmed it would be shelved “for a while.” However, we’re not certain when the show will go back to filming, as season 41’s filming schedule had been postponed earlier this month due to concerns surrounding the novel coronavirus.