Survivor Winners at War episode 8 secret scenes: With(out) the merge

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

You would think a lot would happen behind the scenes of a packed merge, but the Survivor: Winners at War episode 8 secret scenes cover before and after.

I understand that many fans at home want to see their favorite old-school players for as much as possible in a season dedicated to the show’s champions throughout history. However, when the old-school players (and Natalie Anderson) were voted out early in Survivor: Winners at War, it marked the difference between players who can’t get past their own legacies and those who knew how to adapt to the game.

However, to legitimize a twist so awful that 7 out of 10 at Sele’s first Tribal Council told Jeff Probst they didn’t like it, we have to experience the whole rigamarole about the difficulties of minimal supplies and food on the Edge of Extinction. Sure, that sounds a lot like what the active players are going through, but they won from seasons 23 onward, so it’s totally different.

To see more of their suffering, you have to watch the first of the Survivor: Winners at War episode 8 secret scenes, as seven of eight went back to the Edge of Extinction to pout about their hardships. Boston Rob likens the experience of kids at a school who don’t get to play with the others before going for a swim with his wife and forgetting the reason most are there is because the old-schoolers tried to get rid of their own.

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If you want to look at people relieved for the merge, look no further to Yara’s merge treemail, confirming that the players knew before dropping their buffs what was to come that day. Adam Klein looked super relieved to embrace the winds of change, as he had been fighting so hard to get out of trouble instead of, you know, staying stagnant and getting voted out by his own alliance.

Sele had been through a lot, but unfortunately, we didn’t get further closure on Wendell and Michele’s story with their merge treemail secret scene. In fact, it focused more on Nick than the others, and it’s a simple repeat look at a tribe before they swap. I guess we don’t need Dakal’s viewpoint here, but in an episode where Michele was virtually absent, yet her ex-boyfriend was voted out, you’d think we close the book on that narrative.

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Finally, it’s not part of the episode, but you can check out Jeff Probst’s recap of the episode in the tweet above. While a fair number of people online don’t like what Adam brings to Survivor: Winners at War, even Probst is wary of how great his perspective has been as someone struggling to survive. He even outlasts the others in the rain despite the small frame, as it’s certainly no cyclone!