Survivor Winners at War episode 9 power rankings: Challenging times

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Jeremy Nick Survivor Winners at War episode 9

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With the first Reward Challenge of the merge set to bring in alliance dynamics, the Survivor: Winners at War episode 9 power rankings show who’s prepared.

11. Nick Wilson

There’s something going on with the Sele bunch, as their numbers have been dwindling rapidly. First, it was Parvati, taken out as part of a double elimination twist where just one tribe was ultimately immune from going to Tribal Council. Next, we saw another twist of fate as Michele and Wendell were able to come together to take out Yul.

In all these scenarios, including with Wendell’s boot at the merge, Nick’s inclusion has been secondary or tertiary, and he was even a potential target himself. Ben even noted that Nick could go thanks to his attempts to stealthily move his way into conversations, which became something of a running joke throughout the episodes.

With just him and Michele on the outs of this vote and the fact that Sarah knows he’s targeting her in the “Next Time On Survivor” preview, it looks like Nick is making more enemies than new friends at this time. That’s not a good look as Adam Klein, again and again, dodges his way out of the spotlight. His attempt at revenge might be his undoing.

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