Survivor Winners at War episode 9 secret scenes: Food for thought

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

Discussion about the Reward Challenge and sneaky peanut butter convos highlight the Survivor: Winners at War episode 9 secret scenes.

When it looks like most episodes of Survivor: Winners at War are going to be one-hour affairs until the finale in May, including three different challenges within the span of one week’s regular-length show makes things feel a little rushed. Outside of weird plays for social capital and a dressing down back at camp, social play only kicked up to 11 when the episode almost ended.

You would think that the Winners at War episode 9 secret scenes would take a look at everything in between, but this week’s offerings are a bit lacking. We did get to see what happened after Parvati Shallow tried to sell her 50/50 Safety advantage to Michele, as the first extras video shows some of the old-schoolers coming together for some sneaky snacks.

Parvati has mentioned on social media that Tyson shared some peanut butter with her, so she knows firsthand how important those calories are on an island where resources are destitute at best. Ethan, Boston Rob, and Danni look to be living pretty good on that huge jar of peanut butter, illustrating exactly why it feels as though being on the Edge of Extinction and influencing the potential jury members seems overpowered.

The second of the Survivor: Winners at War episode 9 secret scenes shows Nick Wilson reading out the Reward Challenge treemail. It does provide an important viewpoint on the value of the challenge as both on the potential winning and losing team by Tyson, as he’s there to commiserate and poison the well towards the winners if he loses and enjoy the spoils of war with new potential allies if he wins.

Update: A reader informed me that the EW deleted scene this week is exclusive, as Wendell spends the plenty of time available to him to create a netting comforter to make himself more comfortable at night on the Edge of Extinction. He just can’t stop making things!

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Those are the standard secret scenes, but Jeff Probst also offered his thoughts about episode 9 in his own recap. He gives kudos to Adam Klein for trying to play a podium, reconfirming what he says about it always being worth a shot. It turns out, Adam knew he was going home without an idol, so big moves get big respect from the host and showrunner.