Survivor Winners at War: Adam Klein became this season’s unexpected star

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

Everyone on Survivor: Winners at War are here for one reason. Some names are bigger than others though and not many expected Adam to be the star of this season.

Coming into Survivor: Winners at War, there were the household names most had been looking forward to seeing play again, like Boston Rob, Parvati, and Sandra. It was an interesting premise to see old-schoolers compete with the new blood such as Michele, Sophie, and – the surprising star of season 40 – Adam, who has been everything in the show’s biggest season.

Don’t get me wrong – Adam was a good winner in his initial season, but he wasn’t the household name that Boston Rob or Parvati was. He fell into the underdog category heading into the season and even players like Jeremy and Tony have labeled him as such.

From the get-go, Adam has been the focal point of Survivor: Winners at War and currently leads the cast in confessionals and personal content by a wide margin. From betraying his alliance by telling Rob that they were coming after Parvati to then betraying Rob and voting with Ben, Sarah, and Sophie, Adam has been a part of some of the bigger storylines this season.

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Adam’s first magical moment was when the original Sele tribe was when he, Denise, and Parvati struggled to get the bags off of a hook during a challenge. Adam was tasked with getting the final one and it was a motivational moment where he helped his team win the challenge.

Adam has almost served as the narrator of this season, giving us both emotional moments (the challenge I just referred to) as well as comical moments (impersonating Ben in confessionals, going for the “idol” at the Tribal Council podium, etc.) With him gone, who will be the new narrator of Winners at War?

Well, if the last episode was any indication, Michele could potentially fall into that category. She had four confessionals last week and after getting blindsided (again) with Wendell’s boot, she has a pretty intriguing storyline. From the beginning, Michele has had a few moments where she’s questioned her status among her fellow contestants. She even had a whole conversation with Rob about not feeling like she deserves to be there.

So, while Michele has roughly half the confessionals to Adam’s estimated 33 (and he’ll likely still get more due to being on the Edge of Extinction), maybe she’ll become the new underdog that is forced down viewers’ throats.

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Even though Adam isn’t officially out of the game yet, he won’t continue to be the voice of the season while on the Edge of Extinction. It has been interesting seeing him get so much airtime.