Survivor Winners at War episode 10 sneak peek: Lay down your arms

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

With these players constantly keeping their guard up all season, the Survivor: Winners at War episode 10 sneak peek breaks their guards with love.

The Survivor: Winners at War episode 10 sneak peek video for “The Full Circle” will showcase the very first minute of this week’s show.

There are certain moments in a Survivor season that get very little promotional material due to the fact that it would be spoiler content if it was shown properly. Any tribe swap usually gets us pictures of only the moments where players drop their buffs, as anything else reveals which players go where. There was a collection of merge photos unavailable this season until after the episode aired because of the Edge of Extinction twist and the one player who returned.

For whatever reason, one of the other universal moments that is protected until the episode airs is the Loved Ones’ Visit and the ensuing challenge, and that truth is confirmed again with the Survivor: Winners at War episode 10 sneak peek video. It also shows that there’s no fallout from the Adam Klein vote-out, as we’re going right from the beginning of the show right into the challenge.

Most of these winners experienced a Loved Ones’ Visit challenge, but for Michele Fitzgerald, you can see the genuine surprise and realization set in immediately. She is the only one here who hasn’t gone through this moment, and the fact that it’s happening on Day 24 seems to have caught many of these players. Seriously, I can’t recall it ever happening this early in a season.

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On a lesser note (I’m certainly waiting in anticipation to see 10 groups of family members in an overcrowded challenge), the Reward Challenge itself is one of the redneck games that Elaine won as immunity last season. It seems to have competitors balance on a narrow beam and keep a ball rotating in a concentric circle, and I really hope families have to choose one champion to compete on behalf of their winners in the game.