Survivor Winners at War episode 10: Who voted each other out?

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

After a very emotional episode, the Survivor: Winners at War episode 10 voting results are almost essential since we didn’t get a clear understanding on TV.

This piece will discuss the events of Survivor: Winners at War episode 10, “The Full Circle,” while providing the full results of the show’s Tribal Council.

It’s not like I’m a severe Survivor gamebot or emotionally withheld person, but this week’s episode was severely lacking in the gameplay and character development parts. It was nice for the players to see their whole families, but when we have less than six minutes of these players at camp discussing parts of the game, it becomes frustratingly unclear when trying to understand why someone was voted out.

Once Tony won his first individual Immunity Challenge, we saw different sects of players coming to him to suggest strategies for who to vote out. It appeared as though the power went straight to Tony’s head (even if he was successful in getting his way), as he had pushed Jeremy away from targeting Sarah and Sarah away from targeting Kim.

Tony kept the Cops-R-Us alliance intact (albeit in a slightly underhanded way) by letting Sarah know that Jeremy was coming for her while Jeremy and Kim gathered Tyson together as a core trio to make a big push against Sophie. Denise and Michele would be the fourths and fifths of that group as talks of a Vote Steal, Safety Without Power, and a Hidden Immunity Idol were all semi-open discussions on the table.

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An offhanded wish from Tony to get out Tyson ultimately ended up being the majority’s decision, but how they enacted that choice came at almost gunpoint. Jeremy used his Safety Without Power to turn a potential tie vote into a 5v4 scenario as Sophie gathered everyone but Kim, Tyson, Michele, and Denise to talk about how to split their six votes (after Sarah stole Denise’s vote).

Kim did play her idol for Denise, but it wasn’t enough to thwart the plans of the majority. Here are the Survivor: Winners at War episode 10 voting results, broken down by player and who received votes from whom:

  • Two votes for Sophie Clarke (Tyson, Kim)
  • Two votes for Denise (Sophie and Sarah’s votes did not count)
  • Five votes for Tyson Apostol (Tony, Nick, Sarah, Michele, Ben)

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That’s right, Michele voted for Tyson despite seemingly being on his side. If Kim played her idol on Tyson and Michele voted properly, then Sophie would have gone home. The logic and reasoning behind her and her group’s decisions remain unclear, and we’ll need exit interviews to clear all of this up.