Survivor Winners at War episode 10 secret scenes: Loving thoughts

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

Were you hoping to see some of the players socializing and strategizing in the Survivor: Winners at War episode 10 secret scenes? Here’s some more loved ones scenes.

Seeing 24 family members join the 10 players still in the greater Survivor: Winners at War game (and not, you know, sitting on an island and waiting for a shot at getting back into the game) was a sight to behold in this week’s episode. You could really feel it on the faces of all these players that this opportunity, to them, represented their lives and who they were fighting for.

If it was a 90-minute episode or a two-hour affair, then the editing would have been perfect, as you would still have the character development, social dynamics, and voting strategy that would make sense. However, episode 10 was a rushed disaster outside of its touching moments, and the hope would be that maybe the secret scenes would tease some previously hidden developments.

It turns out, there is some new information to glean from the Survivor: Winners at War episode 10 secret scenes, although both feature zero gameplay or strategy talk. The first provides an extended look at the Loved Ones’ Visit for the players, with more confessionals from those who are enjoying the mumment moment.

Jeremy reflected on how amazing this experience was for his kids, and he did mention how close he was with Tyson. Michele’s introspection was the most pertinent and, in my opinion, is a scene that I’d argue is important enough to make it to the main show; she talked about the lack of connection she has with others bringing their wives, husbands, kids, and fiance(é)s while she just had her sister.

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That does beg the question with the potential for a player like Michele to win against a massive jury filled with (likely) 16 people who are family men and women. We saw it with the moms and dads of Second Chances who created a groupthink to liken Spencer’s play to that of a spoiled brat because a 22-year-old happened to beat them. Can Michele even win with this jury if she makes it to the end, even if she pulls off impressive late-game moves?

There’s only one other official secret scene this week, and it’s Tyson feeling a bit pissed off that he was voted out a second time. He thinks if he makes it to the end, he will win this game, and he’s going to go back to peanut butter strats to get it done. Interesting to note is that everyone (led by Boston Rob) led Tyson to believe they didn’t have a challenge since he returned, even though we know Parvati bartered four fire tokens to Michele for a 50/50 advantage.

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Outside of an exclusive look at treemail over at EWwe end off this segment with Jeff Probst’s recap of the episode, filmed long after the show ended. Let’s hope he isn’t tipping his hand with some of his thoughts on this week’s action!