Survivor Winners at War episode 11 promo: Typhoon Tony

Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

Now that we’re in the Final 9, Tony’s wild side is finally ready to come out, as the Survivor: Winners at War episode 11 promo teases the inner chaos.

This piece will showcase the Survivor: Winners at War episode 11 promo for “This Is Extortion,” which showcases central narratives and part of the Immunity Challenge.

In our first-ever power rankings of this season, we noted that Tony’s approach to laidback gameplay in the beginning and forming a big threats alliance would be the key to his longevity, should it occur. So far, with one hiccup in building a spy bunker for the Sandra elimination round, he’s been doing a great job of being in the middle of strategic conversations and not captaining any ships with obvious intent.

That patient, relaxed Tony might finally go away, however, as the Survivor: Winners at War episode 11 promo for “This Is Extortion” maintains the overall level of chaos we saw at the end of this week’s show. Here, we see him and many others having a number of multi-people conversations, although Tony seems to be using his social capital to make a big play here.

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Before we get to that, the promo for this episode does tease some staples of the show that have been increasingly rare these days. We will get a post-tribal scene at night, which might indicate potential drama after Jeremy took himself out of the equation with the Safety Without Power advantage. We might also get another Edge of Extinction challenge, as Natalie and Parvati are off on a walk.

Outside the Immunity Challenge being of the “balance on a beam while propping up an idol with a pole” variety, the real meat and potatoes comes with Jeremy not getting good vibes with anyone and losing his mind as well as Tony talking about an opportunity to flip flop. The key conversations occur with Ben and Michele, Sophie and Sarah, Jeremy with Kim and Denise, and Tony talking with Kim and Jeremy.

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Kim seems to know that Tony is playing both sides, but the problem with trying to wrangle Typhoon Tony is that he’s shown to be unstoppable when he picks up speed. We’ve seen it in players like Kellee recently where they do make a big move, but it comes back to bite them down the line. Can Tony pull off a battle win, even if it means losing the war down the line?