Survivor Winners at War episode 11 sneak peek: Blue steel

Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

While Sarah Lacina is honing in on her social game, the Survivor: Winners at War episode 11 sneak peek showcases the differences between the Cops-R-Us team.

This post will discuss the Survivor: Winners at War episode 11 sneak peek video, which will showcase moments from this week’s episode.

If there’s anything that goes under the radar when it comes to a Sarah Lacina winning game, it’s how brutal she can be based on the goodwill she earned with her otherwise impeccable social game. Many Game Changers post-show interviews note that Sarah was ruthless out on the islands, getting people to make promises on the threat of throwing wedding rings into the Fijian waters and other “TV villainous” activities.

The reason why she could get away with such actions and still be rewarded by a jury of her peers in a 7-3 vote was that she built up the social capital to make everyone feel like she was their friend (and their friend primarily). It highlights the importance of social etiquette while balancing other aspects, such as stealing your best friend’s advantage by voting them out.

Both Sarah and Tony have played drastically different from their winning seasons in Survivor: Winners at War, and that’s best illustrated by the first episode 11 sneak peek video, viewable by clicking on this link. We’ll upload the YouTube videos when they become available, but for now, you’ll have to catch the great unveiling of the Sarah Lacina fashion line here.

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That’s right, Sarah Lacina has been crafting her own line of island-appropriate clothing for her fellow castaways, bringing a much-needed distraction in a game where you have hours on end to waste. Instead of enjoying the fashion show, Sarah’s Cops-R-Us ally, Tony, just does not understand the need to play a social game, while Sarah illustrates just how well her social game has developed.

Gaudy licensed music aside, it does set up what we know Survivor: Winners at War episode 11 to be at large; the moment where Typhoon Tony finally runs wild on the game. However, something he might not have learned from his second time playing is just how important keeping appearances is for his social game. Removing himself from the majority having fun means lessening his social capital.

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The second sneak peek video doesn’t showcase much other than Jeremy’s perspective back at camp, waiting to find out who was ultimately voted out. Tyson seemed to be a close ally to Jeremy, but not close enough to avoid sabotaging him by leaving Tribal Council and leaving his allies high and dry.