Survivor Winners at War episode 12 promo: The Tony Vlachos Show

Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

If there was any doubt that Tony Vlachos has overtaken all facets of the show’s focus, the Survivor: Winners at War episode 12 promo should remove it.

The Survivor: Winners at War episode 12 promo for “Friendly Fire” will showcase brief moments from next week’s show.

With the swift surge of Tony Vlachos into the forefront of Survivor: Winners at War this week, as well as the sudden removal of Sophie Clarke from contention, it’s hard not to see a clear cut favorite to win this game emerge. The only player who can come close to having as good a story as him is Jeremy Collins, but it seems like both of them (for differing reasons) enter this next round with a lot of heat on them.

“Friendly Fire” is an ominous title for an episode of any program, and when you have a show like this where players are trying to leverage their position over one another while still maintaining allies, it could mean a brutal moment for a variety of people. Sarah Lacina might have suffered from friendly fire this week, and the Survivor: Winners at War episode 12 promo brings us a part of the fallout.

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The Cops-R-Us alliance might be done and dusted, as Sarah is rightfully pissed off that Tony went behind her back. He had a plan to get rid of her ally to further entrench her spot with him, but that looks to have flown out the window. It turns out, you can’t play other winners like that without rustling a few feathers, and they don’t look like two birds of a feather that will flock together in the future.

As teased in the “Next Time On Survivor” teaser at the end of this week’s show, we saw Tony evolve the spy bunker from spy shack all the way to spy nest. The promo’s back half shows him using his advantageous spot to spy on others while denying Ben’s accusation of becoming paranoid.

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With just eight players left in the game, it will be interesting to see how the rest shakes out. Despite just how bad Tony made a public spectacle of his big 4-3-2 move, there are jury threats like Jeremy, Kim, and Sarah still left in the game. Is it a lion vs. hyena game still, or will Tony rock with his four until the end (if he can make it there)?