Survivor Winners at War episode 13 promo: The final stretch

Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

With just two more weeks of our champions season left, the Survivor: Winners at War episode 13 promo teases double of what we already love.

The Survivor: Winners at War episode 13 promo will tease small moments that will appear in next week’s two-hour show, “The Penultimate Step of the War.”

After a hot start in the game, Tony was a middle-of-the-road player of this season when it came to confessionals. His premiere was hot, but otherwise, we often saw what he had to do at camp with his funny antics, such as making ladders and catching baby sharks (doot doot do do do do). Ever since the merge, though, he’s been on a logarithmically meteoric climb in popularity.

Now we’ve basically embraced the Tony Vlachos Show™, the folks at CBS marketing and advertising have done the same. The Survivor: Winners at War episode 13 promo highlights double the (blank) for a bunch of different aspects of the show heading into next week’s two-hour affair, with one of them being “double the Tony” on our screens.

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The Groundhog’s Day comment from Jeremy likely insists that he’s been trying to find a crack in the majority, yet is still getting stonewalled. We have another Edge of Extinction event, with the message board Yul carries stating the following in the top half:

"Every day on Extinction requires tremendous drive. You’re drawing on reserves to keep the dream alive. An image for inspiration is of you all along…"

The rest seems to be too blurry thanks to YouTube compression and Yul moving, but seeing how the players are clapping, we might be getting one of those moments where the players look at their past selves via messages or letters/questionnaires that we saw in the original season with this twist.

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In other notes from the Survivor: Winners at War episode 13 promo, we see Michele and Nick actively trying to sow chaos at camp, something going well for Ben, and getting more of Tony Vlachos’ coronation edit. We’ve seen a difference in direction when it comes to editing episodes and commercials for Survivor, but could Tony get this much attention if he does pull off a win?