Parvati Shallow is the ultimate Survivor according to Russell Hantz’ poll

Who is the greatest Survivor castaway? Russell Hantz and the Sole Survivor Podcast spearheaded a Twitter poll to find out the answer to that question.

There are many reasons why we wanted to see an all winners season, but perhaps the biggest reason of all is to help us answer the age-old question of who is the greatest. With legends like Boston Rob, Parvati, Tyson, Sandra and Tony in this season, we now have more data to base our decision off of. So, who is the best castaway to ever play Survivor? Two-time finalist Russell Hantz and the Sole Survivor Podcast spearheaded a series of Twitter polls to find out the answer to that question.

With no March Madness this year, the Sole Survivor Podcast created their own bracket of fun. It consisted of 64 of the most iconic castaways in pre-decided seeding. Every day or so, Russell posted a matchup through a Twitter poll between two Survivor contestants and let fans vote on who they thought is the better player. Due to bias, Russell wisely decided to take himself out of the running.

The Final Four came down to Boston Rob, Sandra, Parvati and Tony. Parvati trounced Sandra receiving 75% of votes. The other Final Four matchup was the more captivating one. While many of these former and current castaways who were in this bracket didn’t react to their polls, Tony did. In fact, Tony went all out on Twitter petitioning for support during the 24 hours the Final Four poll was up.

In the end, Boston Rob beat Tony, but it was a narrow 53%-47% margin of victory. Unfortunately for Tony, this poll happened before he made that huge power move to masterfully blindside Sophie. If the poll was up after that episode aired, I think Tony would have taken Rob down.

The finals came down to the two pillars of the game, Boston Rob and Parvati. After nearly six thousand voters, Parvati was crowned as the ultimate Survivor by receiving 54% of the tally.

Could we definitively say that Parvati Shallow is officially the best player now? It was a fun experiment, but there are obvious problems with giving a ton of credence to this poll. For instance, Russell Hantz has made it clear that he thinks Boston Rob is overrated, while he respects Parvati’s game, so that could have played a role in the final vote.

Regardless of the results, it was an exciting and brilliant idea by the Sole Survivor Podcast, and it was fun to watch some of the participants like Tony really get into it.