Survivor players will compete in a Sequester Mini coming May 23


Shortly after Survivor: Winners at War wraps up, 18-20 of the show’s former competitors will play another reality competition in a Sequester Mini.

As great as Survivor: Winners at War has been for the early half of 2020, it also sucks a great deal that the show as we know it will end on May 13 and doesn’t have a return date for filming, let alone the airing of Survivor season 41. It’s going to be a longer offseason than we’ve ever seen before, and anything to get more content featuring the show and its players is greatly appreciated.

Thankfully, former Big Brother player, Audrey Middleton, has created a fantastic online-based reality competition and will feature Survivor players in an upcoming miniature version. Sequester will hold a Survivor Mini featuring up to 20 players from the show’s 20-year history, and it will stream online to on the evening of Saturday, May 23.

Sequester is a reality competition program created well before the time of required social distancing, starting out entirely online before introduced a filmed series on location for a $2,500 prize. It’s similar to Survivor in that players must vote out one another and can earn a Locus of Safety (LOS) that serves as a Hidden Immunity Idol, but the intention of each round of voting is to add a twist.

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For the Survivor Sequester Mini, the expectation is that 20 players will be placed into one of five virtual rooms akin to a Zoom lobby, with each round having the host, Audrey, explain the parameters for how the vote will be declared. For example, one round could see the player with the highest number of even-numbered votes is eliminated, while another round might force players to only vote for somebody they haven’t voted for yet.

Once the rules of each round are explained, players will jump between those five virtual rooms to socialize and strategize with their fellow players. There will be hard limits to the number of people allowed in any room, and room moderators will oversee those rooms to ensure integrity. As such, players could be strategizing about voting a player out only for them to jump into the room and overhear them.

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Because the Survivor community of players is as insulated and well-connected amongst one another due to charity events, Facebook groups, and the like, you can expect the Mini to feature a lot of pre-gaming amongst the players in preparation for this competition. The cast will be revealed this Saturday, May 16.