Survivor Winners at War finale power rankings: Ultimate Surviving Championship

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2. Edge of Extinction returnee

I already discussed at length about what it says about Survivor if the person who returns from the Edge of Extinction on Day 35 wins the entire thing, but we cannot ignore how well they will be positioned than most of the players currently in the game. Someone who has been spending time developing bonds with the jury might have a better shot than Ben and possibly Denise outright.

To make it to the end of the game would take a tremendous amount of effort to accomplish, which cannot be ignored. We know who makes it to the Final Six, but even if it was somebody else, the expectations based on other players is to be targeted immediately. There’s nobody that will have your back as an immediate number, and there’s nobody to share an interest with via shared Hidden Immunity Idol.

A Tyson, a Natalie, a Parvati, or a Boston Rob would all stand a strong chance of making a case for themselves at the Final Tribal Council, especially with their shared connections on the jury. Many of these players found themselves accomplishing tasks and sharing rewards with other players while living in a destitute existence that the jury knows all too well.

I hate to say it, but the Edge of Extinction returnee likely has the powers to earn their spot back into the game and earn immunity at key times to get them into a position to make it to the end.