Survivor Winners at War finale live stream – How to watch online

Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

Watch the Survivor: Winners at War finale live stream online tonight to find out who will win $2 million and be crowned the Ultimate Sole Survivor of season 40.

It all boils down to this. Literally, 22 different iterations of players’ journeys in the game, 20 castaways, 19 eliminations, 19 players living on islands, five players remaining in the active game, and 14 fighting their way back at a shot at the millions and the title of Ultimate Sole Survivor all culminated in a stunning Survivor: Winners at War finale later tonight.

Though the song remains the same with tonight’s finale, the tune might be in an unfamiliar key. Instead of a large studio audience of fans and the loved ones of 20 families waiting to see who will become the next champion, Jeff Probst will be announcing the winner to the Final Three separated by hundreds, if not thousands, of miles between them via home studios set up by CBS.

Five players will be trying their best to fend off a sixth from coming back from the Edge of Extinction and running the table a la Chris Underwood. For Tony Vlachos, a win would mean a king has finally met the match of the queen. For Michele Fitzgerald, a win would finally give her the validation she deserves after being considered one of the most controversial winners of the modern era.

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A Denise Stapley win would mean that the eldest player of the season would endure the hardships and let go when things were out of her control en route to an under-the-radar win. A Sarah Lacina win would mean finally getting one over her Cops-R-Us ally and rallying to victory as part of one of the strongest alliances ever. Finally, a Ben Driebergen win would … certainly, be nice for him and his family.

A win for the Edge of Extinction player would invalidate the outwit, outplay, and outlast tenets that are central to Survivor. Could that be in store a second time? Watch the Survivor: Winners at War finale live stream and find out who gets the crown!

Date: Wednesday, May 13
Start Time: 8:00 pm EDT
Episode: Season 40, Episode 14, “It All Boils Down to This”
TV Channel: CBS
Live Stream: Watch live on Fubo TV. Sign up now for a free seven-day trial. You can also watch on the CBS website or CBS All Access.

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It’s literally the last time we’ll get to watch Survivor for quite some time, so don’t pass it up!