Survivor leads CBS 2020 Fall Wednesday schedule, The Amazing Race to follow


Following suit from what Jeff Probst promised, Survivor season 41 looks to be on CBS’ official 2020 Fall schedule, leading Wednesday night television.

During the rushed ending of the Survivor: Winners at War finale, Jeff Probst reiterated a commitment to bringing Survivor season 41 to the airwaves in the fall later this year. It’s a statement that brought many questions to follow, especially since we’re still undergoing a worldwide pandemic that might make bringing 400+ crew members from 20+ countries to Fiji a bit problematic in actually pulling off.

Thankfully for the fans, it seems as though Probst made the statement in coordination with CBS as the network released their 2020 Fall schedule and 2020-2021 primetime lineup, confirming that Survivor season 41 will air this fall. Though the show has no hard airdate (a little hard since the season hasn’t been filmed), it will be showcased on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m ET.

For those who think like Davie Rickenbacker from David vs. Goliaththe show SEAL Team will no longer air behind Survivor going forward. It hasn’t been canceled but has been bumped back from the 9 p.m. ET slot all the way back to 10 p.m. following the series finale of Criminal Minds. In its place, The Amazing Race will air in the 9 p.m. slot.

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CBS is no stranger to scheduling reality competition programming on Wednesday night. Traditionally, Big Brother would air during the summer months for close to 100 days starting in mid-June, with episodes airing multiple times a week leading into the Survivor seasons with odd numbers’ premieres on the same night as its finale.

However, due to coronavirus concerns, Big Brother production has been postponed. We’re still in unknown territory for Survivor, considering all we have now is assurances and commitments without tangible evidence towards bringing 18-20 castaways out to the islands. Let’s just hope that it’s both safe and quick enough to pull off for the CBS Fall 2020 schedule, but not at the risk of human lives.

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