Survivor Sequester Mini power rankings: Who has the best chance to win?

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Jamal Jack Survivor Island of the Idols episode 7
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15. Carolyn Rivera

Though the more seasoned players traditionally have a harder time surviving and thriving in online reality games like this with a younger competition, Carolyn Rivera might be one of the more socially connected players within the Survivor community. She should have had a chance to compete in Cambodia – Second Chances, but fans splitting votes between others who weren’t eligible to win Worlds Apart screwed her out of that opportunity.

She might be able to escape quite a few rounds based on making the quick reconnections necessary to survive the block.

14. Jamal Shipman

Jamal is one of the shining beacons on a season that unquestionably many will wish to forget, but you should not wipe those memories away. He was not only an admirable voice of positivity in a sea of darkness, but he managed to do as much as possible with one of the worst, unbalanced trips to the Island of the Idols.

The one thing that weighs him down to this position is the fact that so many people like Jamal that it makes him a threat to receive votes on the jury. That might be enough to make him a complete non-starter for anyone to let him get to the end.

13. Sunday Burquest

Few are aware that Sunday is an ardent player of all kinds of Survivor formats; she won a special Survivor: Maryland Mini game and won as the only Gen-Xer in a sea of millennials, and did so over the fan game’s first host and producer, Austin Trupp!

While I am aware that Sunday plays these ORG games hard and fast, she also showed her hand in playing deception games against others within this cast. That may work to further her allies, but much like Lyrsa, being the only Millennials vs. Gen X representative doesn’t hold as well as the only CBS Survivor contestant (which she isn’t in this Sequester Mini).