The Winner of the Survivor Sequester Mini game is…


Spoilers for the Survivor Sequester Mini will be posted below in this story!

Through a number of false starts, failed screen share puzzle attempts, accidental ties at the Final Five, people leaving their computers during the jury phase, people openly cheating during the game, and an untold number of alcoholic drinks consumed by more than just the Final Two, the Survivor Sequester Mini has finally produced a winner.

By a vote of 6-1, Kellyn Bechtold of Survivor: Ghost Island outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted Abi-Maria Gomes and 18 other players across a span of time crossing 35 seasons. From John Carroll, all the way to the runner-up of Island of the Idols, Dean Kowalski, Kellyn proved her worth all while competing in Spain, securing her win after 8 a.m. local time.

The Survivor Sequester Mini was a fantastic, thrilling game, one where women seemed to be running it from top to bottom. Yes, there was an 11-9 discrepancy between the genders to start things off, but it didn’t help that players like Dean were targeted early, players like Wentworth were granted Wheel of Misfortune powers in a fan vote, and the Island of the Idols players were caping for each other fairly early on and into the midgame.

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There were a ton of players who surprised us by how hard they were playing before getting targeted during the jury phase. Brice and J’Tia were working hard as a pair and only fell once Karishma started throwing the idea of not bringing a pair to the end near the Final Seven. Karishma might be the most improved social player of them all, taking her pre-game research and consultation to heart as she was forward in naming targets and going after big threats.

Until the Detective round and right after the jury began, the Survivor Sequester Mini game was fiery. Players came to play, entertain, and not take things too seriously (unless you’re someone dragging a player out of the game). Woman power reigned supreme, players sabotaged themselves, others backstabbed their allies, and the safety chain raised the stakes to uncomfortable levels.

Once again, congratulations to the Survivor Sequester Mini winner, Kellyn Bechtold, for playing a solid, socially dominant game where she escaped early votes, shifted the targets off her back and played a very relaxed game. She was on the low end of our power rankings primarily (almost solely) because of the time difference, but time (zones) don’t mean a thing for our winner!

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Let’s hope we get to see more of these Survivor Sequester Mini events in the future!