Survivor Winners at War: Ranking all 20 performances from season 40

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Photo: Timothy Kuratek/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /
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Survivor: Winners at War
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15. Wendell Holland

Out of the 20 winners who returned for this special Survivor season, Wendell may have had one of the most drastic changes in gameplay and editing. He went from a being a laidback and likable winner in Ghost Island to a far more aggressive and heartless playstyle with the “villain edit” to boot.

He started off the season by playing a chill and quiet game, forming a tight bond with Nick, Sophie and Yul. It wasn’t until the tribe swap when we began to see glimpses of his new Survivor personality. At the first Tribal Council that new Sele went to, Wendell’s cutthroat style of play became evident to the rest of the tribe.

The awkward way he conversed with his ex-girlfriend Michele and his sneaky scheme of trying to take Parvati’s Fire Tokens continued to develop his villainous persona. Not to mention, his tendency to showboat in challenges might have cost his tribe immunity on two occasions. After sending Parvati to the Edge of Extinction, Wendell wanted to make his move. He was able to get Michele and Nick agree to blindside Yul.

It was a well-executed move by Wendell, especially since his name was on the chopping block. However, his aggressive gameplay became more and more apparent to everyone. When it came to the merge, he no longer had a tight alliance he could rely on after backstabbing one of their key members. Sophie and other original Dakal members were quick to lead the charge in voting Wendell out of the game.


– Somehow getting Michele to give him a Fire Token
– Surviving a Tribal Council after his name was on the chopping block, and blindsiding a big threat in the process
– Building probably the most stylish shelter and camp area in the show’s history!


– Showboating in challenges, arguably costing his tribe two immunity victories
– Painting himself as a cutthroat player too early in the season
– Blindsiding an alliance number who ended up taking him out in the next Tribal Council
– Several awkward conversations with his ex-girlfriend Michele