Worst twists in Survivor history

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Worst Twists in Survivor History – Number 4: Redemption Island

  • First Appearance: Redemption Island (Season 22, 2011)

The show’s 22nd season invented a new twist that was also the name of the season – Redemption Island. This twist involved players who were voted out going to a separate island and then duking it out in a competition for the right to remain on Redemption Island until it was time to re-enter the game.

As long as someone was on Redemption Island, they had a shot to make it back in the game, with one shot coming at the merge and another at the final five. This is a bad twist because it allows someone who has been voted out to make it back into the game, which defeats the whole point of the Outlast part featured in the show’s motto.

Redemption Island was clearly invented because that season brought back popular villains Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz to compete on opposing tribes and production wanted to make sure they had every shot at staying alive for as long as possible.

The next season it was implemented as well and that was obviously because Benjamin “Coach” Wade and Ozzy Lusth were returning to play.

Any time a twist was invented to handicap a certain player, it usually doesn’t go over well with the fan base. When a contestant is voted out, they should not be able to re-enter and have a shot at the million dollars and that’s the biggest knock on Redemption Island.

We haven’t seen Redemption Island utilized since Blood vs Water and hopefully it stays that way.