Worst twists in Survivor history

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Survivor has had its fair share of misses with twists, but that’s to be expected. For the most part, production does a great job at keeping the game fresh.

One of my main complaints with the current seasons is that there way too many advantages, but that keeps things entertaining for the viewers.

Twists like the Hidden Immunity Idol and the tribe swaps are staples in the game now, but others like the Medallion of Power and Haves vs Have Nots crashed and burned. The Medallion of Power was so bad that it was retired after just three episodes!

While some of these bad twists have been one and dones, others have continued to be a part of the show and don’t look to be going away any time soon. The fire making challenge is designed to help get the strongest player to the end and with the emotional Cops’R’Us moment in Winners at War, it wouldn’t be shocking if production felt like it was becoming a popular twist.

There were a few twists not included on here that some might be surprise not to see, with two of the more recent ones being the Island of the Idols concept and fire tokens.

I didn’t include Island of the Idols because even though the eventual winner of Survivor: Island of the Idols never even experienced the twist, the concept of having two veteran players return and offer guidance wasn’t a bad one by any means. That season was unfortunately clouded by an ugly incident that ended with a player’s removal from the game, which took the focus off of the theme.

Fire tokens were omitted from this list because we simply don’t know enough about them yet. Their trial run on Winners at War wasn’t great, so if that ends up being all we get of fire tokens, then yes, they’ll eventually find their way on here, but it’s been rumored that they’ll be returning to future seasons and hopefully will be fine tuned to be more interesting and not become a non-factor out of nowhere.

With two decades in the books, Survivor has to have twists to make the game evolve. It’s not shocking that some of these twists would fail, but these 16 were the worst the show has ever had.

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What do you think have been the worst twists, Survivor fans?