Survivor season rankings: All Survivor seasons, ranked

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14. Millennials vs. Gen X (Season 33)

Perhaps this is a product of a bit of recency bias, but Millennials vs. Gen X was one of the best seasons in quite some time. There were numerous memorable characters, for better or worse, in addition to being some absolutely fantastic moves throughout the season. And let’s not pretend like Adam Klein’s win and emotional Reunion Show in the wake of losing his mother doesn’t make this season better because that’s real human emotion and real feelings that add to the greatness of the season as a whole.

As a whole, though, having a season lucky enough to feature such characters as David Wright, Zeke Smith, Michaela Bradshaw, Jay Starrett, Jessica Lewis and plenty of others has to be given its due. They are all unique and different, but their meshing throughout the show made for great television. It also led to unforgettable moments such as Michaela’s blindside orchestrated by Jay, the rock-draw that unfortunately led to Jessica’s boot and many more.

In fact, season 33 of the show could have been even better if, frankly, not for Adam’s sound strategy going into Final Tribal. The Final Three was ultimately underwhelming with Ken McNickle and Hannah Shapiro joining Adam, and that’s not a knock on either Ken or Hannah. Instead, it’s just that Adam’s win was never in question in that Final 3, evidenced by winning the vote 10-0-0.

And please, someone get Will Wahl some milk or soda while everyone else enjoys a beer.