Ranking every three-time player in Survivor history

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Ciera Eastin attends CBS’ “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” Season Finale at CBS Television City on December 15, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

Ranking Three-Time Survivor Players – Number 22: Ciera Eastin

Blood vs Water allowed former Survivor players to return to the game and get a chance to play with their loved ones. Laura Morett of Survivor: Samoa returned for a second time and competed against her daughter, Ciera Eastin.

Ciera was quiet in the first half of Blood vs Water, but ended up fairing quite well in the post-merge. The running joke on Survivor Reddit is how obsessed Jeff Probst is by the fact that SHE VOTED OUT HER MOM! While it was a fun storyline at the time, the move has become very overblown by Probst.

Ciera returned for Cambodia and made it to the jury, but was blindsided post-merge. She was the first boot in Game Changers, which is ultimately why I have her this low on the list. She might have done well in her first two outings, but getting voted out first on a season and never having made it to the end docked her a ton of points.

Ranking Three-Time Survivor Players – Number 21: Candice Cody

Like Ciera, Candice Cody did well in her first two seasons, making it to the jury each time. Unfortunately for her, she was screwed over by the stupid First Impressions twist in Blood vs Water and was immediately voted out by her tribe.

Getting voted out, however, didn’t take her out of the game, but rather sent her to Redemption Island, where she managed to win a few duels and yell at Brad Culpepper for a few more days until she lost in a duel on Day 11, eliminating her from the game for good.

Candice getting voted out by her tribe right out of the gate was unfair and I hate that twist with a passion, but it showed her tribe mates didn’t want her around. That lands her third to last on this list.

Oh and to this day I’m still confused as to why she was on the Heroes tribe in Heroes vs Villains.

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