Ranking every three-time player in Survivor history

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Ranking Three-Time Survivor Players – Number 18: Kelley Wentworth

It’s tough for me to put Kelley Wentworth this low because I adore her. She made Cambodia such a fun season (Seriously – Think about how boring this season would have been without her) and her appearance on that season propelled her into a fan favorite.

But, the fact of the matter is that Wentworth is largely overrated. Her even getting a chance to return was rare considering she went out early in San Juan Del Sur.

She made the most of her return, finishing fourth on Cambodia and idoling out Andrew Savage on her run to the top four. Her third appearance was disappointing, but it was pretty well-known that the newbies on Edge of Extinction were not going to let a returning player make it to the end, so Wentworth wouldn’t have had much of a chance on that season regardless.

Wentworth would have been forgotten about if pre-merge boots had still not been allowed to return and while that didn’t end up being the case for her, it’s hard to ignore her first season and how poorly she did.

Ranking Three-Time Survivor Players – Number 17: Ethan Zohn

Just because someone won the game once doesn’t mean they were a lock to make it to the top of these rankings and Ethan Zohn is proof of that.

As nice of a guy as Ethan is, that’s the highlight of his gameplay honestly. He probably doesn’t win in the new era of Survivor, but he was the perfect winner in the early seasons of the show. Ethan showed he was out of his league in Winners at War, getting booted on Day 9 and spending the rest of his time on the Edge of Extinction.

Ethan won Africa because of his nice guy demeanor, but his two returns to the game didn’t even result in him making the merge. He made the jury in Winners at War because of the Edge existing that season, but went out pre-merge in All-Stars and was mostly forgettable in that season.

I like Ethan a lot and respect the hell out of him for beating cancer and everything he’s done in his life, but as far as three-time returnees go, he’s in the bottom tier despite winning.