Ranking every three-time player in Survivor history

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Amber Mariano Survivor Winners at War episode 2
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Ranking Three-Time Survivor Players – Number 16: Amber Mariano

Right after our first winner appears comes our second winner in the form of Amber Mariano, who won Survivor: All-Stars, her second appearance on the show.

Amber placed sixth in Australian Outback in a time where strategy wasn’t as important in Survivor like it is now. She was still voted out before Elisabeth and Rodger, two members of the outnumbered Kucha tribe, proving her former Ogakor teammates didn’t trust her as much.

In All-Stars, she synced up with Rob and we all know how that played out. She won the season due to a bitter jury and the two went on to get married and have four daughters together.

It was surprising to see her return for Winners at War and I hated that she was targeted simply for being Rob’s wife. I’d have loved to see Amber come back without her husband playing too to see if she still had what it took to play new school Survivor.

I put Amber above Ethan on here because she made it to the merge twice in her Survivor career while he only made it once.

Ranking Three-Time Survivor Players – Number 15: Malcolm Freberg

Malcolm Freberg was a fan favorite on his initial season of Philippines, where he finished fourth and would have controlled his own destiny had he won the final immunity challenge (which he had an advantage in and had two gos at it, rather than just one like everyone else).

He returned the very next season for Caramoan and made it far once again, but wasn’t able to shake off the threat label, getting booted on Day 30.

We got to see Malcolm again for Game Changers, but he was the unfortunate victim of a joint tribal council that led to him getting idoled out of the game on Day 11. It was heartbreaking to see Malcolm go so early his third time around, but with him failing to reach the merge in his third go of the game, he lands right here on this list.