Ranking every all-returnee season in Survivor history

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There have been five all-returnee seasons in Survivor history. Let’s rank the five from worst to first!

While it’s become more common for Survivor to bring back popular players, there have only been five seasons that have been all-returnee seasons. Micronesia and Caramoan might have had half the cast be filled by returning players, but it still gave us some new players in the process.

Before we dive into the rankings, let’s work through the history of all of the all-returnee seasons.

When it first happened with Survivor: All-Stars back in 2004, it really felt like the first Avengers movie. It was surreal seeing all of our favorites come back and compete on the same playing field.

It took six years for another season of just returning players with Heroes vs Villains, which served as the show’s 20th season. It’s a theme that would be nice to see return because it was a lot of fun.

In 2015, fans were treated to Cambodia (also known as Second Chance), which had a cool premise that allowed fans to vote who got to return for another shot at winning Survivor. The pool of players wasn’t the most impressive, but the ability to pick and choose who we wanted to see again was neat.

After taking 12 and 11 seasons apart between all-returnee seasons, Survivor had another returning players season shortly after with Game Changers. The title did not match the cast list to say the least.

Lastly, there was Winners at War, which pitted 20 former winners against each other. It was a Survivor fan’s ultimate dream.

So, where will these seasons end up on these rankings? Let’s take a look.

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