Survivor: Russell Hantz’s Top 100 Greatest Survivors Ever (80-71)

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Survivor Mike Holloway Rodney Lavoie Jr.
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Twenty contestants have been revealed on Russell Hantz’s list of greatest Survivor players ever. Who are the next ten to be revealed?

In the latest round of the best Survivor players ever, the video – which can be seen on Russell Hantz’s YouTube channel – opens up with Jonny FairPlay telling us his favorite story from Pearl Islands involving Burton Roberts’ return back into the game.

80. Rodney LaVoie Jr. (Worlds Apart)

We all remember Rodney the most for his hissy fit that he threw when he wasn’t invited to go on a reward challenge on his birthday. He was so mad about having to wash dishes on his birthday and that’s sadly his legacy when it comes to his Survivor career.

Mike noted in the video that Rodney had zero knowledge of how the game works prior to it starting, so that makes it even more impressive that he made it to the final four. He lost in fire making to Carolyn, but he was really close to being in the final tribal council.

79. Natalie White (Samoa)

Poor Natalie. She won Samoa fair and square, but is regarded as one of the worst winners ever because many felt that Russell deserved to win.

I’ll be honest here – Yes, Russell should have won Samoa. What Russell wasn’t good at, however, was jury management and that’s what won Natalie the game. She knew early on that her best bet was to let Russell rile everyone up and get in his own way.

Laura Morett notes in the video that Natalie earned his vote because of her jury speech and that it wasn’t due to bitterness. The producers should be ashamed of themselves for only giving Natalie 15 confessionals and making her look like a crappy winner because it sounds like she really did play a good game, but we didn’t get to see any of it.

That’s a damn shame.