Survivor Legends: Boston Rob’s biggest moves

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Boston Rob Mariano Survivor Island of the Idols episode 13
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Rob Mariano – also known as Boston Rob – has played Survivor five times. What have been his biggest moves during that time?

Most people are lucky if they get to play Survivor once, but Boston Rob has been a contestant five times and also appeared as a mentor on Island of the Idols. During that time, Rob has made some truly great moves that will always be remembered fondly amongst Survivor fans.

Let’s take a look at the best moves by Boston Rob.

Boston’s Robs biggest moves on Survivor – Number 5: Blindsiding Hunter

We first met Rob in 2002 when he appeared on Survivor: Marquesas as a 24-year-old construction worker from Boston. The early impressions of Rob that season was that he was lazy and didn’t put forth as much effort as some of his other tribe mates.

Fortunately for Rob, he had a solid alliance consisting of him, Sarah Jones (who he had a bit of a romance with that season – Sorry Amber, but he hadn’t met you yet!), Sean Rector, and Vecepia Towery. These four controlled how the first two tribal councils went.

The third tribal council is when things got interesting, however, as the Maraamu tribe lost yet again and that’s when the game took a turn.

It was clear from the jump that Rob didn’t take too kindly to the Maraamu tribe anointing Hunter Ellis as the leader of the tribe and as a result, Rob made it a point to take Hunter out next in shocking fashion. It wasn’t common in old school Survivor to vote out strong players that early and Rob had his famous Godfather confessional before taking out Hunter.

While this looked like Rob would have control over the Maraamu tribe moving forward, the very next episode saw the second ever tribe swap occur, which sent Rob to Rotu and put him on the bottom over there.

Blindsiding Hunter was the first savage Boston Rob move and it’s a bummer we didn’t get to see more from him in Marquesas due to him getting taken out at the merge and barely missing out on being a member of the jury.