Survivor Legends: Boston Rob’s biggest moves

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Boston Rob Mariano Survivor Winners at War episode 2

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Boston’s Robs biggest moves on Survivor – Number 4: Begging Lex to keep Amber

Once All-Stars got down to ten contestants, everyone assumed a merge was coming. Instead, Jeff Probst threw them for a loop when he had everyone draw new buffs to form two new tribes.

In a weird turn of events (that many on Survivor Reddit claim was rigged to split up Rob and Amber), everyone drew the opposite tribe’s buff except for Amber, who stayed on Chapera while the rest of her tribe went to Mogo Mogo. That separated her from Rob, who she had been aligned with since day one and had formed a close relationship with (as we obviously know by now).

After the new Mogo Mogo tribe won immunity, it was obvious that Amber was in danger, as she was the lone newbie to the tribe. Knowing this, Rob told Lex on his way out of the challenge to take care of Amber and if he did that, then Rob would take care of him.

Lex and Kathy were running the show over on the old Mogo Mogo tribe and new Chapera tribe and now had a decision to make. Do they help out their buddy Rob by saving his girlfriend or do they keep to their numbers and vote her out?

Well, Lex and Kathy – being the good friends that they are – helped their friend Rob out and voted out Jerri, giving Amber at least three more days in the game. Those three more days turned into the rest of the game, as she and Rob took things all the way to the end.

While Rob didn’t win All-Stars, him convincing Lex to save Amber helped him get the numbers at the merge and secure the rest of the game.

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