Survivor: Russell Hantz’s Top 100 Greatest Survivors Ever (60-51)

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“Survivor: Fiji” finalist Yau-Man Chan attends the “Survivor: Fiji” Finale and reunion show on May 13, 2007 in New York City. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

The next ten greatest Survivor players were revealed and we now have the bottom half of the top 100.

The video starts off with an explanation of how this list was put together. It’s not necessarily just on game play, but on entertainment value and how memorable or iconic contestants were. So before you get upset at some of these better players being ranked lower, take it up with Russell Hantz and the rest of the panel.

Anyway, onto the next ten players!

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60. Tom Buchanan (Africa, All-Stars)

Tom Buchanan, or “Big Tom”, was mostly remembered for his silly antics when he appeared on the show’s third season. He was brought back for Survivor: All-Stars and of course we all remember his “Don’t be stupid, stupid!” comment to Boston Rob when he was on the jury.

While Big Tom was a fan favorite in the early seasons of the show, I’m not sure some of his comments would go over well today due to how the world has evolved and that’s probably why he won’t ever return.

He made it to the final five in both of his seasons though, so he obviously did something right.

59. Yau-Man Chan (Fiji, Micronesia)

Yau-Man was the most popular player on Survivor: Fiji and it’s not hard to see why. He was one of the oldest players on that season and somehow still performed well in challenges and made it all the way to the final four. He was also the one who invented the idea of making fake idols.

Of course we all remember Yau-Man most for the infamous car deal between him and Dreamz Herd where Dreamz turned his back on his word. Yau-Man didn’t make it far in Micronesia, but he was such a good player in Fiji and if he hadn’t been on that season, Fiji would have been even worse of a season than it already was.

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