Most memorable moments from Survivor: Heroes vs Villains

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Survivor, Tyson Apostol
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Tyson votes himself out

Part of why I can never group Tyson Apostol high on the winners rankings is because of the big blunder he made in Heroes vs Villains where he essentially voted himself out. What happened was Rob and Russell were going at it (more on that in a bit) and all the majority alliance had to do was split the votes between Russell and Parvati and boom – One of them goes home.

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Well, Russell made a smart move when he decided to tell Tyson that he was caving in and voting for Parvati. That swayed Tyson to think “Hey, you know what? I’ll vote for Parvati too!” The problem was that Tyson was supposed to vote for Russell to ensure that the votes were split.

In doing this, Tyson cast another vote for Parvati and now she had the majority of the votes and not Russell. When Russell played the idol for Parvati, the person who had the next amount of votes now was Tyson, so he went home after having a seemingly flawless plan and not sticking to it.

Rob vs Russell

Let’s get into that Rob/Russell beef now, shall we?

The pre-merge of Heroes vs Villains was one of the best ever and a big reason as to why that was is because of the rivalry between Rob and Russell. The two were battling for supremacy on the villains tribe, with Rob initially winning that role.

The villains dominated early on, only having to go to tribal council once before they eventually imploded. We all remember Rob’s line of “You’re either with me or against me” that he uttered to Russell, which didn’t go over well.

Rob’s majority alliance, which consisted of him, Tyson, Jerri, Coach, Courtney Yates, and Sandra Diaz-Twine had a – as mentioned above – flawless plan to split up the trio of Russell, Parvati, and Danielle DiLorenzo.

Three would vote for Parvati, three would vote for Russell, and those three would probably put their votes on Tyson. Whoever the idol was played for would have their votes wiped out and then they’d revote and take out the other person.

Well, Tyson messed up the plan and ended up going home. From there, Rob’s once powerful alliance of six, dwindled to just him, Courtney, and Sandra, as Coach and Jerri flipped to Russell’s side and helped him and Parvati gain control of the game when they voted Rob out next.

It’s a bummer that Rob couldn’t have gotten to the merge phase of the game because it’d have been more fun seeing those two go at it later on, but at least we had these priceless memories.