Most memorable moments from Survivor: Heroes vs Villains

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Survivor, Sandra Diaz-Twine
Survivor legend Sandra Diaz-Twine – (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images) /

Sandra Wins… Again

When the dust settled, there were three villains in the final three – Parvati, Russell, and Sandra. Russell was convinced that Sandra was a goat and no one on the jury would vote for her because she didn’t do anything in his mind.

Well, the joke was on Russell because Sandra won the season, making her the show’s first ever two-time winner. Russell, on the other hand, received no votes and was eviscerated  by the jury for his arrogance and the way he treated people.

I like Sandra as much as the next person and was thrilled that Russell didn’t win the season, but I will say that Parvati should have been the winner of Heroes vs Villains. She played an even better game than her winning game in Micronesia and one of my only major faults with this season is that the wrong person won.

At least it wasn’t Russell.


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It’s been ten years since Heroes vs Villains and it still holds up as one of the best seasons of all-time. It sits at number one for a large majority of the fan base and really was a joy to watch throughout.

What were your favorite memories from Survivor: Heroes vs Villains?