Most memorable moments from Survivor: Blood vs Water

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Survivor, Tyson Apostol

Survivor legend Tyson Apostol – (Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved)

Survivor: Blood vs Water was the 27th season of the show and aired in the fall of 2013. What were the most memorable moments from Blood vs Water?

Survivor: Blood vs Water signaled the end of the Dark Ages for the show, but some might argue  that this season also belongs in the category, mostly due to having returning players for a third straight season and for the fifth time in six seasons and also for having the Redemption Island twist.

Blood vs Water just felt like a different era of the show, even with those Dark Age themes, but to each their own.

What were the most memorable moments from season 27?

Blood vs Water twist

What did Blood vs Water mean exactly? Well, it was an easy excuse for Survivor to bring back returning players yet again, only this time they had a loved one joining them. We started off seeing the pairs of loved ones surviving together for “Day 0” and then getting told they’ll actually be playing against their loved one.

The returning players are on one tribe and the new group of loved ones are on the other tribe, which leads to the next memorable moment.

First Impressions

Survivor brought back one of the worst twists ever by having the tribes immediately vote someone off of their tribe. In some instances, this has merely resulted in the voted off person getting a ride to camp while everyone else has to hike, but Blood vs Water resulted in those voted off actually not being a member of their respective tribes anymore. They did get to remain in the game, however, landing on Redemption Island instead.

Candice Cody from Cook Islands was booted from the returning players’ tribe while Laura Boneham (Rupert Boneham’s wife) got the axe on the loved ones tribe. Another twist came into play though where the two who were voted off could be replaced by their loved ones, which Rupert immediately stepped up to do. He sent himself to Redemption Island while Laura took his place on the Galang tribe.

Speaking of other stupid twists…

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